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Recognize the essence of Corporate Gifting

Recognize the essence of Corporate Gifting

Whenever, we talk about promoting the brand, many visuals appear in mind in terms of publicity. You might have realized when you get something for free; it gives you a different sort of contentment. This is the tendency among human beings they like to have something for free of cost and what makes them happier if the product they receive provides them value.  This also applies to various brands when they distribute something for free; they also expect to get something out of that free gift they have given.

This is a stark reality that company, corporate and businesses like to gain visibility and the cost effective mode is to freely distribute give away items like pens or key chains with their name and logo branding. The advantage is that consumers love anything received free and use the item till it last. As long as pen or key chain is being used the consumer will constantly be reminded about the brand and there will be supplementary free promotion with the viewers who will get in touch with with the free gift recipient.

Majority of corporates appreciate giving away gifts as they can keep their regular consumers happy by distributing it or to impress new customers by starting their relationships with a free gift. In some cases, they even run their own scheme where the buyer needs to qualify for free gift by either buying more numbers or a fixed value.

Although from the delineation of the product, even your gifting strategy can play a big role in increasing your market share. Big corporates look for connection with their products when identifying the right gift to increase brand recall and connecting with their target audience. You just need an open mind with very clear objective to devise a totally new gifting game plan to increase your market share in a particular area to gain local supremacy. Depending on the success of the scheme you can fine tune it to roll out state wise, region or even nationally. If JIO is taken for example, it made its grand entry in telecom industry. What was the success mantra behind becoming one of the largest telecom service providers in India? The answer will be simple. Mukesh Ambani led JIO read the mindset of consumers and it offered free service during its start. That was the power of gifting that made JIO emerged as leading mobile telephony brand of the country. Gift can be of any type and that was the thing JIO kept in its mind.

Let’s talk about promotional diaries which are great for marketing drives, employee incentives or corporate gifts to potential clients. The promotional diaries and personalized gifts are ideal for a wide range of promotional environments. From trade fares to company outings, seminars to corporate give-a-ways, you can be sure that you have promotional diaries to suit all your requirements for brand promotion.

Many Corporate have a policy of giving gifts to consumers and employees on their birthdays. Calendars, diaries, notebooks, coffee mugs, sippers, back packs, jackets, umbrellas, pens, key chains, travel bags, desk top utility mobile holder, laptop stand and innumerable items are given to clients to keep reminding them and others about the Company and its brand logo. When you get such gifts especially on your special days make to attached to the brand emotionally and thus, it helps in retention with the brand for long run.

Most of the big corporate keep the excitement of the new consumers and make them feel part of the organization from day one. Ideal gifts here are table top items like coffee mug, carry bag, t-shirts, sipper bottle, back pack, jacket etc. depending on the budget of the Company.

Companies intentionally run the gifting scheme so as not to change their price list but still allow discounting to take place at the market level for achieving strategic purpose. For instance, to increase their market share or local supremacy, companies come up with schemes that benefit them at peak but it depends upon the marketing strategy they adopt to rope in as more consumers they can.

If we have smart corporates, then there is no dearth of lazy players. Yes, we are talking about lazy companies that don’t bother to think actively of brand promotion. These lazy Companies like to adopt quite easy path for their brand promotion where sales department prefers operating on cash discounts month after month instead of leveraging that cash discount by offering different schemes from time to time to increase their return on investment.

Depending upon the mood and trend, companies offer gifting schemes that can be run at either the consumer or trade or even at distributor level depending on the end purpose. Some brands fill up the shelves of retailers before the competition and season starts as once the trader has bought the material; he is committed to finish that stock filled up before he can even consider investing in other accessible alternative.

The best way to increase the consumption at consumer level is to influence him to buy bigger size item or more numbers and simultaneously dump more stocks of products at retail level where consumers are open to buying similar products and brand plays a smaller role. In nutshell, the essence and supremacy of corporate gifting is tried and tested method for brand promotion. Success of every brand is totally dependent on making consumers and employees help by providing them value and it is possible only with the way of gifting.


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